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Twin Boom, Twin Engine, FPV, Cargo Plane Build Thread


Sunny Day Park Flyer
Electronics Installed

As requested, here are some more pictures of the now totally complete airframe. It's a 5 channel with flaps right now. I'll be Minwaxing the plane overnight for the departure to FF15 tomorrow. Talk about cutting it close!


Total Airframe


The wing-ends are held in with pins from pop rivets I used to make some wheels


The wiring is a bit of a mess, I might clean it up if I have time


Sunny Day Park Flyer
After FliteFest

Sorry I've been offline for so long guys, I've been busy with building a tiny trainer and family business. ANYWAY

So, FliteFest 2015 was an AMAZING event. I brought the plane, as promised, and maidened it at the event.
It flew wonderfully
I may have been flying a bit nose/tail heavy because I kept needing to give up elevator, but it flew!

I didn't put on a landing gear, because it was on grass and nobody was having much luck with takeoffs, so I had Josh Bixler throw the plane.

You guys were right, the wing was a bit too small, which is why I think it flew so fast.
I'll make 15" and 20" wingtip sections once I have the time

I also did a stall test, and with the under cambered wingtips, the stall was perfect. No bad tendencies whatsoever

The flight continued to go well and I didn't destroy it on landing! (minwax works wonders)

I'm going to improve the plane a LOT more before I out any plans, so stay tuned!

List of things to fix:
Wiring Mess

List of things to try:
Rockets!-stay tuned
Cargo Drop
Landing Gear?


Sunny Day Park Flyer
Honeybadger Mk. 2

I really like the design of this and I want to keep making the plane better.
So I'm going to make plans for a version 2 with a better tail, actually working rudders, better CG, and mounting points for all sorts of cool stuff! AND A LANDING GEAR

I'm also going to be... experimenting with the Mk. 1 plane so stay tuned for all sorts of articles and stuff.