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Twin motor projects

I would definitely like to see you do a dollar tree twin, and show the different ways to do your control surfaces. I would like to see a differential throttle set-up as well. I'm currently doing a dollar tree foam OV-10 Bronco and would like to use the differential throttle set-up instead of rudders.
Last year I startet to scratchbuild a cargo plane with an opening hatch to drop parachutes, sweets, ... many crashes, fuselage modifications and wing repairs later it converted to a twin engine ;-) ... with 2 1250kv 2836 motors and 8/9 (cant remember) inch props on a 2200 3s lipo... a sweet flyer... had lots of fun with it until a loose esc wire caught one of the props, ripping of the whole engine and half of the wing... no repairs possible, but I will definitely build another, new one!

IMG_4113.JPG IMG_4117.JPG