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Twin power pack A size cargo


New member
So a couple months ago, when i first started getting into the hobby, i built a fuselage for a small cargo plane. Soon after, i bought a mini scout and flew that a couple times, and sort of forgot about the concept. Recently, i remembered it and wanted to do something with it. I just had a fuselage with no cockpit/nose, so i looked at a couple of slightly similar planes including the xa-21, nc 22.33 and even some of my own designs and sketches i thought would look cool. After i built the nose and completed the fuselage, i took the trainer wing from the tiny trainer kit, as that was around mini-guinea size which is what i was aiming for. I modified the wing to be flat, and added ailerons. After that, i made a tail section that was a good size for my wing size, and i had a good looking plane. I didn't mount the wing as i wanted to get the battery and completed wing on so the cg would be right. I ordered the power pack a twin, and when i received that package, I made 2 power pod holders, and mounted them to the wing, each one 5 inches from the middle of the wing, and that gave me plenty of room for the props. I installed all the electronics, and made a hole on top of the plane for my wires to go into, and added the bbq skewer wing holders. I put the battery in the plane (which is kind of hard because i didn't make the nose removable) and I tested the CG. it was perfect, about 1 inch from the leading edge. I made tricycle landing gear and installed bbq skewer struts on the tail, because the rudder was quite wiggly. The pics are a little old so they don't have any landing gear or the struts, but i will get those pics soon. I maiden flew the plane 2 days ago for about 4 800mah 3s batteries and each one lasts about 8-9 mins, which is great. it flew amazing, and very easy to fly, considering i flew my mini scout only twice before and this is my second plane, and i would say it actually flies similar to a 4 ch mini scout, as it is a bit fast and aerobatic, but still stable. I would say if you can fly a 4ch Tiny trainer, you can fly this as a second plane. I was extremely happy with this plane, as it is so cool seeing a plane that you designed and built fly so well. I don't have plans, but i do have measurements as this plane is very simple and boxy so if you want the measurements to make one, i could post them.

Planecargo2.jpg Planecargo.jpg