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two piece wing?


Junior Member
I started building the Mikeys RC trainer with some dollar tree foam I picked up.
I was laying it out on the foam, and realized the wing is longer than the 30 inch piece.

Any issues making a two piece wing?


Fly, yes... Land, no

Nope, no problem at all. This plane was also made from Readi-Board. Two peice wing with winglets, all glued together with gorilla glue. Just be sure you have a good tape holeding the halfs together till what ever glue you use dries. The FT Cruiser is also made with a two part wing to make its 52" wing span from Readi-Board.



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I'm currently flying an 80 inch foam board three piece wing. I've seen wings upwards of seven feet with foam board.

As long as the joint is secure, it will be no problem.


Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
Around here readi-board is made of paper and cement (used for backing ceramic tile). Yours MUST be different?



Fly, yes... Land, no
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