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Types of airfoils and propeller safety tips


Junior Member
Hello flitetest,

Awesome video's, love them! What started flitetest in the first place? Just curious, I'm always interested when people pursue these types of endeavors.

What I would like to see on flitetest is an episode about various types of airfoils. I know there are literally
thousands of variations. However there are only a bunch that are significantly different from each other.

It would be amazing if you guys and girls made an episode about the airfoils associated with the various types
of rc flying. Promote experimental AC building? Speaking of girls, too bad the RC wolrd is dominated by males eh?

Also, I'm currently working on the 100mph challenge. Lot's of fun.

Lastly, prop safety tips. Would that be a topic worthy of being in a video?


Roy Ledwosinski (Led-wo-sin-ski)