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UAVs for small ships & cadets shooting down UAV's with with cyber rifles


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This came in my email today. Looks like everyone is on the UAV bandwagon which I'm sure the FAA knew was coming down the pipe and were encouraged to make it tough for any small companies to get there foot in the door. Its all about the money, and when someone says its not about money, its safety, then you can be sure its all about the money. Just look who makes the most profit and you can identify where the insane laws are being directed from.


West Point cadets are shooting down unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with cyber rifles

Boeing military aircraft leader says company sees future in upgrades and UAVs

The submarine drones that could uncloak ability of nuclear submarines to hide in ocean depths

High-performance stealthy target drones could help U.S. pilots hunt and kill stealth aircraft

Air Force plan for 2030 doesn't mention the F-35; may hint importance of combat drones


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Heh, the military has long been in the UAV World... since WWI:


What I do find funny is how the terms change as technology progresses. I once worked on a project in the early nineties involving "UUAV's" - Unmanned Undersea Autonomous Vehicles. But because aerial UAV's got more popular, they shortened it to UUV.

They were originally developed for mine hunting, and coastal mapping, but it doesn't take much to see how they can be used for submarine hunting.

Heck, if you look now, there's even a UUV that can go back and forth between a UAV and UUV.
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