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Ugh I'm building another mini-arrow

MRJ - just a heads up, mine just smoked with no load testing on a 4S and hard limited to 30A after burping the throttle. Wasn't on it for more than 3 seconds. No Bueno...:unsure: and motor is REALLY hot. (even smells)

ESC is cool to the touch, pulled everything apart and it's definitely the motor.

Think EMAX is blowing smoke.

Still works on 3S....but damnit I just cut the fuze for a 4S battery.
The issue is the motor has too many poles for your ESC. So the ESC can’t spin the motor fast enough and eventually the motor will lock up and fry. My Castle Creation 50 wouldn’t do an Emax so I had to upgrade to a BL heli 32. Works perfect now.