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Ultimate FPV?

Ok, so low end cheap FPV systems seem to be the way to start...But what if money were no object? Lets say one had a budget of at least $3000.00, what would be the ultimate setup/ package? I think anyone who has been in this hobby long enough knows you can go cheap with great results, but when you are prepared to drop some coin the sky is the limit...I think this would be a cool show idea as well..."Ultimate FPV"... Also I think a lot of your shows are geared toward the guy on a budget which is awesome, and I wouldn't change that, however I think it would be cool if you had one segment, maybe one a month called " Ridiculous RC" or something...where you guys "flitetest" something crazy big budget aside...
Ultimate FPV:

Lawmate 500mW 2.4 GHz VTX with an inverted vee antenna circular wireless
Pixim seawolf ccd camera as primary camera and an 10x opticall zoom as secondary camera
RVosd with tracker RTH and stuff

Lawmate receiver 2x
CP antenna for close range circularwireless
2.4 GHz Yagi and 433MHz Yagi antenna

Immersion video goggles (not from immersion rc, this is something different :)
Huge TV screen that fits in a mini van so that other people can watch LOL

EZuhf for control

gopro hero 3 black edition :D


Propaganda machine
Limitless budget? Perhaps a Predator drone? Satellite controlled (global range), and armed with radar guided missiles, just in case...


Elemental Madness
I think you will discover that when you first start out you will want all the bells and whistles. OSD,goggles, telemetry, antenna tracking, ect. But it turns out that that stuff doesn't enhance the experience. I know from talking to Alex(IBcray) that he uses a camera, transmitter, and sometimes an OSD. That's it! Personally I would buy stuff like extra cameras and transmitters so that if I crash I can replace broken parts.