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Ultra Micro Brushless Conversion

It's hard to find all the info you need on doing an Ultra-Micro Parkzone AR6400 'brick' receiver brushless motor conversion. Believe me, I had to wade thru lots of chit-chat on forums to get the info I need. This is what it all boils down to:

1 - get a diode from Radio Shack. I used this one - (IN4004) but I read that this one - (IN4001) will work just as well.
2 - get a 5 or 10 gram micro brushless motor like these two - HobbyKing 5g or 10g motor or HeadsUpRC 10g motor or, if you like to spend 3X as much for basically the same thing- an E-Flite Park 180 motor from Horizon Hobby (no link, sorry).
3 - get a micro ESC like these - Hurc 7A ESC from HeadsUpRC or Turnigy Plush 6A ESC from HobbyKing or a much more expensive E-Flite ESC from Horizon.
4 - get out your soldering stuff, don't drink a lot of caffiene, put on your micro-vision and wire it like this (step 5 - the most important part - is below the picture)
Step 5 - do this conversion thing: turn on radio, push and hold full up and left throttle/rudder stick and power up your brick until it blinks twice like this - CLICK HERE (this is the part that gave me problems).

You're done! Enjoy the power!


I like big leccy planes
It would be good if someone did this on the MQX

Oh btw, you know how the brushed motor plugs in on the board, if you plug it into the wrong pin, it keeps spinning? I often wondered if you could plug a normal ESC wire straight into there and it would work as a BEC. Just my thoughts, might not work at all:rolleyes:
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It would add a lot of weight to the MQX with 4 ESCs. Too bad they didn't make it brushless to begin with. My MQX has an issue with trying to level itself. It does this weird wobbly thing and then it usually crashes itself. I wish I could tone down the AS3X or even turn it off.
Very useful, thanks Cracker.

I've got a few scratchbuilt UM planes (Fokker DR1, Wright Flyer, FW190) that I gave up and just isolated the power, requiring both a 1S (to run the servos and receiver) and a 2S (for the ESC/motor). Talk about too much weight--they're all nearly unflyable.

I'll give this a shot when I've got a chance.



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Hey Cracker

May I ask why you put a diode in the supply for the AR6400?.

Edit: I just read the manual for AR6400 states input range from 3.2-4.2v

I assume that you are using the diode's voltage drop to get the BEC's output close to input tolerance of AR6400
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