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UMX battery AC adapter

Just got a E-Flite UMX Pitts from a friend and was super excited to fly it this evening when I pulled it out of the box and saw it has a DC only charger with tiny little alligator clips...

So my question is, how can I adapt the charger to AC? I will probably just get a charge lead to go on my normal charger but if I want to fly in the next couple of days till something comes in the mail, what should I do?


Knower of useless information
You’d need an appropriate transformer to switch it from AC to DC, unfortunately; this is one of the reasons why I dislike the really cheap chargers.

Some of the guys at my field have gotten old power supplies from computer cases and connected them up to supply the needed wattage; I’m not sure if/what they’ve modified to get it to work, though...

My best recommendation is to get the cable that has the proper banana clips and use it with your current charger, or find a way to connect up the charger to a car battery to charge it in the interim.