UMX Pushrod Alternatives.


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I have a Champ that I need to install pushrods on. I have a replacement set, but are there other options that will work on the UMX planes? I know there are connector options for the larger sizes. I was thinking either clamp style or the screw mount.


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I have not found a good source for the thin carbon rods, but you can make your own little z bend hooks for the ends with some sewing pins. just get a nice sharp bend on both corners, and use some shrink wrap to fasten it, but shrink it a little at a time and keep moving the pin while shrinking so it doesn't become locked in place and is still adjustable.



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This is a tricky one to set up, but using a push-pull system like they do on Yaks and other giant scale 3D planes could work. Just get a push pull servo head and some fishing twine, and you can barley see the twine from the outside. This could be an option if you want your model to look extremely scale.


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I've found for price and easiness to find and use, the proper replacement rods are best. If you have a set I don't know why you wouldnt use em!

If you're more interested in trying different connectors, you can attach pretty much anything to the carbon rods using tightly wrapped THIN string and CA.


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Horizon has carefully selected one of the lightest methods of pushrod available for their UMX planes -- a tiny plane has little room to spare in it's weight budget.

It's not a flawless solution, but generally it works . . . so why are you wanting to fit something different?

options and workarounds may be available, but until we know why, the options offered will likely be a poor fit for your needs.