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Underbelly of big rc plane

I would love to the see the undebelly of a big rc plane. Speccialy the wings. I want to see what it looks like without a control horn sticking out. Im trying to deisgn my own and need something to base it off of. Thanks!


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What I have seen done before for hidden control is the pushrods are twisted rather than push/pull. (AKA torque rod) They are bent 90 degrees at each end. The rod travels in the hinge area and sometimes is even used as the hinge pin. One end goes into the control surface, and the other end is rigged to the servo inside the fuselage. I have a Balsa U2 kit that is done this way. Plans are on aerofred https://aerofred.com/details.php?image_id=94513


Edit:. Here's another interesting link using pushrods. https://www.rcuniverse.com/forum/rc...00/373275-hidden-control-linkage-options.html
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I would point out that even modern jet like the F 22 Raptor have visible control bulges covering the actual linkage mechanism. The thinner the wing the more they show.

If the wing is thick enough and the servo small enough its arm can be directly attached to the surface.

A bit tricky to set up but it does mean everything is completely hidden.