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*Unofficial* FT EZ-Glider

Also if I was to build again with same board I would make the nose a little longer just so I could use less lead. I also added little blocks under the wing that go into a cut out on the fuse to align the wing. Putting servos on it and towing it up with another plane would be fun.
Decided earlier to put some servos and a little 1s in mine, took it out for its rc maiden a few minutes ago. It flew fantastic! Glides really well for its draggy wing and tail, next step is to add a motor (that I don’t have, so it probably will be several months till then) and use it as a landing trainer :p. This would be a good first plane for someone looking to get into the hobby, especially if they have a friend to carry them up on another plane and drop it.
how much thrust would it need to get itin the air (from a chuck obviously)? i was thinking of one of those little mini drone motors and a suitably small prop