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Upgrading your radio to 2,4gHz


Junior Member
Hi all,

wanted to share my experiance on this topic:
I've added the FrSky V8HT Module to my Futaba FX18 transmitter. By using a switch I'm now able to use both 2,4gHz and 35mHz. I know this is nothing new but maybe someone also wants to do this and might need a little help...
Here is a scematic drawing of what i did:

So long, have fun!


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Hm, I think so. The module grabs the PPM signal of the transmitter, if there are only 6 channels used, it would only send on the first 6 channels. Most packs from any vendor support 8 or more channels but work in an 6 or 7 channel transmitter (as far as I know - please correct me, if I'm wrong)


Junior Member
yep, every manufacturer uses his own technology - 2,4gHz != 2,4gHz ;-)

Like the FASST RX only works with FASST TX, Spectrum DSM2 the same. FrSky uses ACCST technology, so only those work.