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US ARMY purchased DJI Mavic Pro, finally have a film you guys!!!

DJI Mavic Pro filming the Troops

We got a DJI Mavic Pro so we can finally capture those amazing moments of Soldiers training, enjoy!
-Please don't ask specific questions regarding the military they will not be answered, just enjoy the film. Thank You!


The Mavic Pilot: Jason Fairservice https://www.facebook.com/GreenLightRC/
Please check out Jason Fairservice's RC Store, www.GreenlightRC.com use fb link if page is down...
Video Editor: Paul Froschauer
Cordinator: Richard Ellis

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Wake up! Time to fly!
Who AHH!!

Awesome edit mate. Great to see the Abrams in action. I was very surprised the compression from them firing did not seem to effect the video nor the quad in any visible way. Be interesting to see what that dust and sand will do to the motors over time though as you know that is a harsh environment for anything mechanical.
So far with all the sand the motors are holding up fine. We've probably flown about 15 packs so far in it and its doing great. We have to film early though in the day due to the temperature outside lately, around 118' F every day here. We use compressed air to blow out any fine sand particles after each day of filming. Ya my favorite part is at 2:50-2:52ish when the tank fires the Mavic is nearly in front just off the barrel lol. I wasn't recording or flying my friend was and after I viewed the footage on the laptop I looked at him and was like "wtf?" lol he was like its okay man nothing happened to it lmao. I said too much that close and the Mavic will develop TBI (tramatic brain injury). :) It doesn't like to film at night the good though, we still tried and was able to at least get the cool tracer rounds going down range from the .50cal and the 120mm rounds.


Wake up! Time to fly!
Cool!! Changing lenses on the camera and using filters may help with the whole night thing. I am fairly sure there is a whole suite for the Mavic's camera that allows you to adjust for light conditions as well as editing or capture options right on the quad or in a smartphone app.