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USA/V International search...


Junior Member
Ok, while I like the store, the prices and the inventory.. The "search" feature is pure annoyance...

As shipping from HK takes 3 weeks or more on average, the USA store is around a week.. (I wish they had more than a 10x10 garage of inventory is all)

Anyway.. when you select the USA/Canada warehouse, the system fails to honor that on searches.. You end up shopping, comparing and picking an item to find out it you were magically transported back to the Intl warehouse pages..

This in short SUCKS>.... can you fix it so if you pick one place, it stays there until you change it?


Rotor Riot!
This would probably do more good on the HobbyKing forum. HK does not monitor this section of the FliteTest forum, it's mainly for sharing experiences.