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So i put an order in for a usbasp programmer but it shows that its on backorder
But when looked before I put my order in it was instock.
Now when I look at the product page it has a link to a replacement for it.

Will I get the older one or a newer one. Or do I have to cancel my order and find something else


Rotor Riot!
Hi twistedsmily,

Unfortunately the HobbyKing usbASP started arriving without firmware flashed onto it, so they would not work - only fixable by advanced programming guys.

I suggest you cancel and try to find one elsewhere.
Value Hobby has one that is supposed to be ready to use, but I'm not sure about it.

9xprogrammer has one which is also supposed to be ready to use, but Mr. Perkins doesn't seem reputable. Too many word games.

As much as I hate eBay, I ordered one from magnumhobbies. They were extremely helpful before the purchase, and I believe they will follow up with any problems I have.

I ordered one from nooelec (ebay... my mistake, I guess) they send a USB power supply (?) and refused to help unless I gave them positive feedback first.

We'll see how the magnum goes.
Google that error. It's been discussed many times on many forums.

For what it's worth, I bought about five USBASP board. All of them on ebay. All of them works as good as the one from HK. All of them cost about $3.50 shipping included. Some of them had the 100ohm resistor bank in them some had the 200ohm resistor bank. Buy two of them and flash a new software into them (to get rid of the sck error). That is really easy. All it requires is to put a jumper into the board that is being flashed. Not an issue at all, I assure you. All that at a cost of less than $8 shipped!