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Use of a motor for a beginner

I have a hb2806 motor and would like to build a plane for it, if possible.
1450 kv
weight 34g
14.5 max current at 7.4v
max watt 206
2s or 3s battery compatible
prop 0706
thrust 220 to 520, no idea on which battery that is

what plane and what battery?
I would like to use it on a tiny trainer
Thanks for any help


Well-known member
That motor would work better on a Simple Scout, with a 1300mah 40C 3s and a 9 or 10” prop.
The Tiny Trainer flies very well off this cheap, light motor with a 6x4 APC prop and 500-850mah 2 or 3 s batteries. Building light makes the plane fly more floaty and forgiving.
I rarely build a plane around a motor, much better to look for the plane that works for you, then buy the gear for it.


Well-known member
That is a signicantly heavier motor than what the TT was originally designed for. That's not to say it won't work but adding that much nose weight means you will have to move the battery further aft to achieve proper balance.