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Use two servos for 4 functions. (Elevator Up, down and Aileron Up, down)

Hi. I’m building delta wing by using Radiolink AT9s. My delta has one aileron on the each wing. I want use only two servos as elevator and aileron. I don’t have any previous experiences with RC hobby, so I really don’t know how the servos for the aileron and elevator should be hooked up to the receiver. I connected ESC to pin 3 and left servo to pin 1 and right servo to pin 6. when set joystick left, One aileron go up and other aileron go down together. what I must do on radiolink for two servos that when joystick set in down or up, ailerons go down or up in one time?


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The process you are describing is called Elevons. There’s lots of options, you can use a plug in Mixer, which works it out for you, or you plug in Throttle, Aileron and Elevator into separate channels then use the mixes in your transmitter to do the Elevons.
The AT9 instruction manual, page 47, shows how to set up Elevons. There are other how to videos on YouTube too I suspect.