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used DS6i vs DS7...pro's & cons

used DX6i vs DX7...pro's & cons

I'm looking at a couple used transmitters and know nothing about Spektrum. Can you guys school me in the pors and cons of them both ?
The DX6i has been used once and has a AR6200 receiver and the DX7 has an AR8000.
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I have a dx6i and there just a few diff between the dx6i and dx7 to start dx6i only has a 10 model memory and dx7 has 20model memory. Dx6i has two flap setting and the 7 has 3. The dx7 has a few better setups and a better viewing screen. The ones you are looking at both have great long range rx and are not cheap so your getting a deal. But if i had to pick between the two id go for the DX7 and for only 10$ more you cant beat it
If the prices are close jump on the DX7. My DX6i died this year and I found a DX7 used for only $112 shipped. It has been a great radio. One thing I learned recently since I have been playing with learning 3D flying is the DX6i will only let you adjust your servo throws to 125% where the DX7 will let you adjust them to 150% which can come in handy playing with 3D setups. I don't use the full 150% on the throws but have them set so the servos are pretty much at their max throws (minus a few clicks). All of them are more than the 125%. That means I am getting more performance out of my plane with the DX7.

It took a while to figure out all the programming on the DX7 as it is very different than the DX6i but if you never had either it won't be a big deal to learn how to do it. Download the manual online....it's free and it will get you started. Then if you learn how to do all the mixes you will have lots of options. I think the DX6i has 1 or 2 mixes available while the DX7 had 5 mixes.

If the prices are close jump on the DX7. You will be glad. I love mine....but would love a DX9 even more. :D
Thanks for the info ;)
The DX7 does have some cosmetic issues but I guess not bad ..... http://www.ebay.com/itm/SPEKTRUM-DX7-2-4GHz-DSM2-R-C-Controler-for-Airplanes-Helicopters-/121479242407?
I get nervouse about Ebay at times but I just can't afford to go to my local hobby shop to buy anything right now.
I have made an offer on a Turnigy9x w/FrSky modual and receiver and two crashed planes thinking I can strip them for parts, but have heard nothing from the seller. So in the meantime I've been looking at Spektrums.
Ok another question, I read somewhere that the Spektrum receivers that have a satellite will not operate correctly if the satellite receiver is missing. Is that true ?
Nope. Not true. I've had a few models that would take a satellite but they worked fine without satellite. The satellite just gives you a better reception because you can locate an antenna in multiple spots on a plane.
Ok, thanks frogman. The only experience I have is with Futaba, and that was a good 25 or so years ago before I sold all my equipment for financial reasons. Man, have things changed lol. The seller doesn't say weather the sat is there or not. Did you look at the link, think it's worth a buy if the Turnigy falls through ?
I'll be passing on the DX7, lister contacted me finally and said there is no receiver with it, just transmitter. He has it listed as with a receiver though.
All the other DX7's I have seen are out of my price range.
I have considdered that, not much more than the used once 6i. The guy with the DX7 obviously has no clue what he has either, been talking to him some and he's willing to go $100 shipped. But then I still have to buy a charger for it and a receiver. And it is still a "used and looks it" transmitter.
Specktrum using proprietary software is something I need to considder too, I like to change what I'm not happy with and I haven't found any information on the net about flashing Spektrums.


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Yup, if it fits in your price range, and you're willing to buy used, i'd go for the dx7 and get a lemon rx....BUT, if you can get a bit more scratch, I would jump at a new dx6 with the free rx.

Lemon rxs...
I believe they ship out of china, but so do the orange rxs from hobbyking (they never seem to be in the us warehouse), but there are a couple places to get them in the us, Lazertoys being one of them.
I have used several of them, work just fine. They now have a dsmx verion that i haven't used yet.

When i was looking at txs the first time, I was up in the air over whether i "needed" a dx6i or a dx7s. I went for the dx7s because it left room to grow. I never regretted it. I don't need the 7 channels, but the 20 model memory is/was great (the new dx6 has about eleventy million memories (i don't remember the real number, but likely more than you'll ever use) and buying new you get things like a warranty and product support (should you need it).

Or....you could also go the hobbyking tx route and get an orange tx.
I have never touched one, so I can't give a good review, but it is a DSM2 tx that will work with Horrizon hobbies bind and flys, spektrum rxs(dsm2) and lemon rxs. I come with the nearly nonexistant hobbyking product support as well.

Final note...if you have $130, and the dx6i works for you, goto horizon's website, buy the dx6i with the free rx, and go fly!
There are very few transmitters out there that allow you to change the firmware. To my knowledge Spektrum, JR, Futaba, Airtronics, HiTec....all of those popular ones don't give you the flexibility to modify the software. They are closed systems as well. There are a few open source transmitters out there and they are getting pretty popular.

Regarding DSMX vs DSM2, yes DSMX is better but I have DSM2 and have had absolutely no issues with them. No lost signals (except when my radio completely died), good range and many happy hours of flying. If you can get DSMX in your price range go for it. Otherwise don't be scared of DSM2 setups. Those Lemon receivers are great and cheap and there are a few other generic versions out there as well that work just fine unless you are going for long range flights or soaring to thousands of feet.
I'm not too concerned with the DSM2 vs DSMX thing, I'm from the old school RC where everything had 5' long antenna with flags on the end lol. I can't count how many of them I broke. I would imagine frequency technology has improved 100 fold by now. I think everything DSMX, from what I've seen, is out of my price point. So it looks like DX6i or Turnigy 9x. Reviews of the DX6i seem really good, especially here, and Turnigy has the option of firmware mods. As well as more available future growth due to more channels. Choices choices choices....
I am hesitant of Hobby King though as their customer support and shipping times sound horrendous. Still have my eyes on a couple Spektrums on ebay and at least on of the local hobby shops stocks them.


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The dx6i is dsmx, turnigy radio's once broken are throw aways, spektrum will always fix their radio's and come with a one year warranty, good luck getting anything from HK even if broken during shipment. You can use the DX6i with a adapter. Real Flight 7 has one included.
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After so many hours of researching I think I'm going to hold off on Spektrum, at least until I can afford one with more room for growth. I found a 9xr that was only used a few times and the guy needs money for college to pay for his books. For the price I don't think I can go wrong. It's already verified as a good working transmitter so no worries about it coming from HK. If anything brakes it will be from user input and any parts inside that I could possibly brake can be easily replaced.
I use a Linux PC also, so Real Flight will not run on it. Going to use CRRCsim as it's a Linux native sim.
Thanks for all the input guys ;)