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Using a 64mm EDF in a DF-032 jet

L Edge

Elite member
After exploring using foamboard with a 5 bladed 64mmEDF, I happened to see a DF-32 jet by (Thewingsmakersmaker.com) jet for $49.99 without an EDF. The video showed it being launched by a dolly as well as by hand and it seemed real fast in the air. So I ordered it and when it came in I adapted to a 5 bladed 64mm EDF and used the electronics I had. If you look at the manual, it says the EDF rotor dia is 67mm and the outer casing is 74. Mine fit like a glove and after installing the EDF and graphics, I was ready to go. I spent about 2 hrs putting it together.

Flying weight was 680 grams and since I used a 1300 mah battery, I came in at 609( the lighter the better) which was 10% lighter.

I have the video of the maiden flight 4 years ago. Just flew it yesterday using the 2100mah and still goes like stink. By the way, this is not a promotional for this plane. Get into cruize mode and you get good flying time.

Feel you could even install a 70 EDF and it would perform nicely and give a good speed for practice.
A good plane to practice launching and it will take a banging easily and survive.
Here is a chance to practice approaches and landings to get use too the gliding effect of the jet.
Well worth it($50) before you start to get the expensive stuff that is on the market.