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Using RealFlight 9 with a Spektrum Tx and wireless dongle?

Does anyone have any experience using your Spektrum Tx with RF9 and wireless dongle?

Maybe some pros and cons between going this route or purchasing the sim with the wired controller.


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Using your actual TX, either plugged into the usually free wire, or via wireless is always better than an alternative controller as you then develop muscle memory based on the thing you will use to fly the plane.
Wireless is not hard to set up, you create a model and “bind” to the dongle, wire is even easier but you are limited by how long it is to how far away you can sit from the TV/monitor.
Thanks for the response. I guess a little more explanation is due. I'm an intermediate flyer and have no problem flying someone else's plane once I know what switches are assigned to what functions. So, The 80.00 wired Tx that I can purchase with the sim would pose no issues as far as muscle memory. Especially as compared to shooting free throws in round ball LOL. I just prefer to use my existing DX9 and spend 40.00 on the wireless dongle. My question does seem to be answered by you. If I understand you correctly my DX9 should work fine with RF9. If that is in fact the case I then have a follow up question which you touched on.
Do I save each sim model separately into my DX9 memory or is each model saved on my PC and the sim is saved as a model on my DX9?


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You create a model on the TX for the sim, as you won’t need rates etc in the same way, then any plane model you create inside the sim is simply selected from the program itself and stored in the PC.
You usually get a free wire with the sim to plug in your existing TX, you don’t need the wireless dongle to use a TX with the sim.
Theres a few DSMX dongles for way less than $40, Hobbyking OrangeRx one as an example. All they do is provide a compatible receiver you bind to that then sends a signal like a game controller in the USB through the drivers.
Thanks so much for your help. I also appreciate the tip on the dongle for about half the price!
Now to see if anybody announces a black friday deal on RF9. LOL.