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Using the Hobby knowledge and power to preotect environment and wildlife

Hi my Name is Alberto Mellado im a big fan and pupil of the show just got in love with the hobby and im in the process of becoming a pilot im entering the scratchbuilt universe , i proudly belong to the Comcaac indigenous tribe also known as Seris from Sonora state and midriff islands in the gulf of california in Mexico, i´ve been working on bio-cultural conservation and wildlife monitoring for over a decade now, today i serve to my land and people working for the Federal government as conservation officer and ranger of the gulf of california islands for CONANP (natural protected areas comision).

im user and aplication developer of the cybertracker software, for local community monitoring and enforcement indigenous groups and we conduct indigenous integral monitoring with native language apps for wildlife sights, water resources, scats, tracks, human activities, and pollution.

this year we started a collaborative aproach with the Comcaac Wildsheep tribal technical team, those whom work in conducting management and hunting operations of Wildsheep on tiburon island.

they need support to conduct enforcing, patrols, wildsheep aerial census, population estimations, hunting rates, etc. im developing a cybertracker aplication for them to keep systematic information on the hunting operations and enforcement patrols, but we need to be able to break dependency from aerial surveys and population estiumation that western mexican scientist have established and sometimes it is not clear or reliable for the trible the population estimation and the hunting rates, so we are all concerned about the conservation status this important specie and we would like to cut the expenses of unreliable or mistrust aerial census (old school using planes) and change it for local capacity to design, build, fly and maintain either quadcopters or RC foam planes for aerial surveys and remote enforcement, allowing the to audit scientist counting and poputlation estimation and have better information for better lolcal deciscion making torwards management on the island, big horn wildsheep are very expensive and sometimes we believe the hunting rates are not correctly estimated and it is critical to have community capacity for it.

our technical needs for a pilot drone project design would be:

capable to fly at least 10- 50 miles away from the control station
FPV suitable
Video recording in HD
mapping capacity with high resolution photos some like pix4dmapper like thing
more than 30 mins autonomy battery
good payload not necesary but ideal

it could be either a quadcopter or RC plane/wing we dont really know the difference.

we trust RC hobby and its potential for conservation we would love to collaborate with someone for doing this, we have access to the site expert guides in the biggest and for me the most beautyful island in all Mexico, regular patrols are acheduled etc. but we lack of Drones or, drones design building or operation capacity. we have qualified experts that can ID big horn wild sheeps sex and age so they can estimate population structure in the survey, if they get to see them via FPV or in recorded footage.

The idea is : We invite you to our land and landscapes/culture, like a cultural exchange, we learn RC and FPV your learn about The Seri (comcaac nation) culture and Conservation in the biggest island in MExico (Tiburon Island), Either as a Personal non-formal visit or as a Flite Test Episode. maybe im dreaming but theres is no loss in saying it and invite you

the big questions are:

do we have potential or chances to become this new idea to life?? were can we get some funding and advice for capacity building in design, build and pilot conservation drones?

We dont have any funding for a project like this at least not yet, maybe and just maybe we can apply for a grant to Mexican Government if aproved it would be by april 2016, Do you know some one interested in helping us?

with all our admiration for your innovation and passion we would love to join your path and do be part of success stories of conservationdrones,org they inspired us as much as you train us every episode.