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USS Los Angeles Designation ZR-3

hey guys first off i really enjoy your show and love the challenges and all the other things you have already done. be looking for my order for a electrohub coming soon as FPV is something i have been wanting to get into for sometime but didnt know how to go about it until i found your channel.


USS Los Angeles was a rigid airship designated ZR-3, which was around during the mid 1920's. however the challenge is not to build a airship, the USS Los angeles was unique in that the US military experimented with it as a sort of airship aircraft carrier. the USS Los Angels was fitted with trapeze system that was developed by the US Navy to launch and recover fixed wing aircraft from the ridged airship. although the test were successful they never really became common place only being fitted for a short time and then removed.

my challenge is can you build a working ridged airship that can take off and arrive at altitude caring fixed wing aircraft that can then be launched and recovered by the airship