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v-tail ot T-tail on my new plane, kit has both.

Personally, I don't find V tails to be any advantage at all. And though they are calling it a T tail, it's a standard tail configuration. A T Tail configuration would have the horizontal on the top of the Vertical and look pretty much like most of the full scale Sailplanes, see this video. If he horizontal is midway up the tail, kinda making a lower case t is' called a cruciform tail.

V Tails are big with racers, they figure less surface area, faster. But I've always found that they don't do elevator control as good as an elevator and they don't do rudder control as good as a rudder and they are SOOOOOOO much better in full size aviation that you just about don't see em at all. The normal configuration works too well, doesn't have a tail wobble involved with it because of it and is cheaper to produce. One of the few times that cheaper is better.

However, it's a model airplane. make it the way you want so it looks cool to you, and V tails do look cool, and be happy with it. You may have to have a mixer.
If I read your tx manual correctly, 1 and 2 on your receiver are the elevator and aileron locations. As in your F-22 answer, stick you servos in those holes, hit that switch and go fly.

Really a decent little transmitter judging from the 2 page manual. Mixing, dual rates, servo reversing, 6 channels, MAN if I had this radio when I first got started. We would try to fly all day without getting 'hit' by CB's on linears at least twice. Sometimes we'd get knocked out of the air permanent. Reversing was done by soldering on the servo. Dual rates were accomplished by not moving the sticks that much. I had it good. I had one member that had to wind up his rubberbands each flight.
I would be very interested to know how this model works out for you. I have considered it myself several times and it predates both the bixler and axn on hobbykings website but for whatever reason never caught on as a popular model. I personally like the looks and option of a v tail.
I would be very interested to know how this model works out for you. .......
No problems, keep an eye on this thread. I'll post an update when it arrives. It may be a while untill it arrives , 4-6weeks is the usual delivery time.
I have the smaller 850 wingspan version & it was my fav plane . The 850 is a fantastic litle plane, Im hoping for something similar on the 1500

I have a feeling the the rear fuselage may be a bit weak(the 850 is), butt I'll just add carbon.
Mixed reveiws on the 1500, some love it, some hate it. I wanted something different from the bixler & AXN

I found this abandoned/dead thread on the Solo 1500