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V-Wing Champ!

V-Tail Champ!

Messing around with an old champ body this is what happened. I'm heading to the hobby shop monday to get a new motor and gear box then i'll post some video of it flying. I'm using a dx6i's v-tail setting.


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I think he does mean V-tail.

It looks great. I don't know if the Champ needs more elevator than rudder, but it looks like you got the angle for the V-tail just about right. That angle should give you a little more elevator control than rudder, and that's probably a good thing. I think. Hard to tell for sure in those photos.
Thanks, I used a tail mount from my old commander. I was thinking the rudder control might make the champ roll a lot when turning and i'm curious how the dihedral will compensate. I will post some better pictures when i get the control surfaces hooked up. Cant wait for Monday at this point :)