Help! Venom 2-4 cell balance charger


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Hello, I purchased a Venom 2-4 cell balance charger from a local add and I think I have been duped. When I plug the unit in, nothing happened at first. I tried plugging the unit in and then attaching a battery, but still nothing. After plugging the power cord into the unit and unplugging it multiple times, I finally got the screen to turn on for about 3 seconds, then back to blank. Now it smells like burnt electronics.

Can it be saved? Should I try and get a refund?


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i would say yes, but in the event you cannot, try plugging a battery (2-4s) or power supply (10-18v, laptop ones may work if voltage is low enough) and see if it stays on.


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Its definitely gone now! I tried using a different power supply cord, one that looked to me like it was the same cord. I saw an orange flash inside the unit and a nice little puff of smoke, so I quickly unplugged it. I doubt it can be restored now! oops!


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You need to check the polarity and voltage of power supplies before plugging them in. The same plug guarantees nothing.
If I was you I would look for a decent AC charger, at least 100w.