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versa tractor setup for the uk

Hi people
I've built the versa in tractor format as I haven't flown for a few years so want to use it to get use to the sticks again. I've flown it once it had lots of speed but not a lot of power to cope with the UK wind got a 30amp esc and 2200ma 3s battery, it has an all up weight Inc battery of 900 g what motor and prop combination would you suggest.

Many thanks for any help

Hi daywalker

I've run my FT swappables (spitfire and bloody wonder) from a Turnigy D3530 with 9x5/6/7 prop. The spit is 940g AUW And it gets along very well with any of those props. I've used master airscrews so far, APC probably faster but not sure about amp draw.
Best thing is the motors cheap as chips!

Hope that helps.

Thanks for your reply jim what amp esc do you use and what are they called with the low battery warning built in them if they are still about

Thanks daywalker
I've got a a turnigy plush 40a in mine but the motors rated at 30a I believe so that should be fine. Never bothered with the battery waning just be conservative when you start and check the voltage after a short (4 mins maybe) fight. On that setup I get 6 mins off a 2200 and that's to storage voltage (3.85v per cell) so I don't have to fiddle with the batteries after. On the other hand you can get a battery buzzer which plugs into the balance lead from most hobby shops for about £3.

No worries. I'm a secondary school teacher; I've been called worse!
Let me know how it goes. It's worth noting that as our board is a fair bit heavier than that DTFB stuff FT use you can normally get away with/need a bigger/heavier motor to get the CG right. I've still got 40g of lead in the nose of my spit to get it balanced.