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Versa Wing Build

I was wondering what would be a cheap controller that would work with the Option 1 setup for the versa wing?
Any reply would be greatly appreciated thank you!


Biplane Guy
The Turnigy 6x makes a decent first radio if you want to be super cheap, but be aware that you will probably want to upgrade very quickly. I would just get an Orange T-6 because of it's cheap receivers and decent firmware.


FT CAD Gremlin
I have an Orange Rx T-Six. It''s very comparable to a Spektrum DX6 for about half the price. I've only had one very minor annoyance with mine. I use a LiPo to power the transmitter, and about a year after I had it the plug inside the transmitter fell inside the case. I had to open the case and hot glue it back into position. Other than that, I love it. It is my first radio and I have found it pretty easy to setup and use. Hope that helps.

Link: Orange Rx T-Six Mode 2
I would say the Orange t-6 but after trying to buy one for a buddy. I found it was actually cheaper to buy a dx6i with receiver on ebay. The shipping charges negate the cheaper price on the controller. Just my 2 cents