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Versa Wing HELP!


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OK, I've built THREE versa wings, following the build to the "T". Two PUSHERS and one PULLER.
I would say that they flew horrible but they never even got that far in the air! Most of the tie they fly up at about a 45 degree angle FLIP over rapidly and NOSEDIVE in to the ground (the HARD Arizona ground!). Most I've ever got is about 10 feet and 5 seconds of flight.

I also built two Mighty Mini Arrows, one flew like a DREAM! (equipt with the "A" pack) the other (F Pack), flew like the Versa wings, into the ground.


I've even had 30+ year experienced guys try to fly them with the same result.


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Sounds like you are trying to launch them at full throttle!

Unless they are very light your launch will be at around stall speed and there will be little aerodynamic control.

For a higher speed launch you could try a discuss throw type launch, (Not really recommended but it is an option - I am very poor at discuss launches. :rolleyes:)

Best thing I can recommend is to ensure that the CG is correct and then launch at around half throttle with a slight nose up attitude.
Allow the plane to gain a little more flying speed before opening the throttle to max.


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Fyi, I'm on my 3rd wing as well and have found they all needed a big dialing down of the pitch control. Mine's down to 35% & 70% on my flight mode switch and handles great. Before that it was backflippin' like crazy. If your not sure that is the problem, put the alternate rates on a switch if possible.

The shorter the aircraft length the flippier they are just like shorter wingspans are much rollier (new word alert).