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Versacopter Help?


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I have recently bought a Versacopter V2 with the GR 18 and MZ 12, I got everything setup except a bit of the radio and receiver setup. I have found out a while ago that the one of the motors would just beep over and over and wouldn't spin but the other 3 did but just today I started the controller and the quad but the front two motors wouldn't spin and the back two just beeped. This is my first Quadcopter to build, and I think I need some help.

My Specs:
Versacopter V2 (Stock)
Also everything in the Power Pack E
GR-18 Mz-12 combo
Lumenier 2250 mAh 3 cell 11.1 V 35C Discharge 70C Burst
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I am also running the GR-18/MZ-12. So a couple of questions...

1 The motor that just beeps over and over. That sounds like it is not getting a PWM signal. That would suggest that the signal wire is plugged in either upside down, or not plugged in at all.

The signal wire (depending on your ESCs either white or yellow should be on top.

2 Did you calibrate the escs?



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So I don't know anything about your rx/tx set up, but when an esc is beeping it's usually trying to tell you something is wrong and that it's not getting a valid signal or your throttle is set too high and it doesn't want to play (safety feature).
So step 1
Check your connections, make sure you haven't plugged a servo wire in upside down, check all things signal related and if you find nothing go to step 2
Step 2
Since it's doing it seemingly sporadically I would start with making sure your throttle command end points are set to their correct min and max values. (I'm guessing it's the same as every other quad I've built so set throttle min to 1000 and max to 2000.)
Next, check and make sure you haven't accidentally (or purposefully) changed the throttle trim on your MZ12, and make sure you have correctly set your "minimum throttle" correctly (unfortunately I can't tell you how to check that because I've never used your setup but basically this is how much your motors spin up after your quad has been armed. In most cases, in order for your quad to arm in the first place, the throttle point on your transmitter must be lower than the "minimum throttle" point your flight controller has been set to. So if you've accidentally bumped your throttle up to half way and then try to arm your quad, it won't, and you don't have to worry about it shooting up like a rocket when you arm it.)
If this didn't make any sense I'm sorry, I'm fairly certain the graupner stuff works on a similar basis but if this didn't help hopefully someone can correct me. Good luck!


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i had a issue with a quad i built one esc would beep.. turn out it was a bad esc.. not saying that is the issue.. but it was in my case.
it also was the only motor that would not turn.. just beep. ( but it does sound like a signal problem or a bad solder joint from the motor to the esc/pdb. )