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Versacopter probs !!

Just built the versacopter but when I take off only front lifts . I'm running mz12 and gr 18 and think I've tried everything !! Help needed please


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Props look correct, assuming they are all on the right way (numbers up). Do you have the CG as close as possible to the center of the frame plates. I can't see anything that will offset the weight of that battery on the back half. If the CG is not centered you will see the quad want to lift on the lighter side first when taking off. You can add some input to correct this uneven lift. Once in the air the quad should be able to compensate and maintain orientation (in acro) or level (in auto-level).


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Here's a sanity check I tend to do on all maidens to make sure everything is connected right. (be prepared to cut the throttle at any time if starts to go wrong -- it can go from a little bad to crash amazingly fast)

On a soft surface (grass):
- arm and spin up the props to idle
- slowly increase the throttle until the airframe becomes light on the skids -- not enough to leave the ground.
- one at a time, test each direction in pitch and roll by slowly increasing the stick command until you see the correct side begin to lift (BEWARE, it can instaflip the second a skid leaves the ground if you've got something hooked up or mounted backwards).
- repeat for all 4 directions.

Move to a smooth surface (concrete/asphalt/kitchen floor)
- Arm, spin, and get light on the skids
- test each direction in yaw (rudder) to see if it slides in the direction you expect

After that passes (or fails, gets fixed, then finally passes), then and only then do I pop her up into a hover 2-3' off the ground. generally from light on the skids, I give it a bump of throttle just above 1/2 and quickly throttle back down to 1/3-1/2 to catch it in hover. Don't do it slowly -- ground effect can do bad things to you, particularly if you're just starting flight or move through it too slowly.

I normally do all of this in rate/acro mode, generally because level may be calibrated poorly or so far out of tune it flies unhappy. I know, you may not be up to that, but if you can, it eliminates one extra source of "it don't work".
Thanks for all the help guys but still no luck so I'm going to upload a video so you can see what's happening and if you can help it would be really appreciated as I'm totally lost lol many thanks Dan


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Had a similar problem where the right rear motor wouldn't spin up with the prop on. Finally in frustration. I barely cracked the throttle so the other three were turning and used a stick to spin the right rear. It then spun up and is flyable. Have to do it every time though. Bought a couple of extra esc's and motors and will swap out the right rear motor first and then if that doesn't solve the problem, I'll change out the esc. If that doesn't work then it has to be in the Naze 32. I suspect it's the esc.
Guys I've got it working ! Just went back through every step and reconfigured esc , gyro , ect and turned drone and controller off after every step to reset and it started working . Thanks for all the help and support , it's time to get flying !


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Good to hear. Mine was a bad esc. Replaced it after checking the motor and now no need to use a stick to start the #1 motor to spinning.


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Glad to hear that both problems were corrected. Nice to see that you each told how you corrected the problems. It is very helpful to others that might be having the issues.



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Are your props on the right way!

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