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Vertical Drag Race Combat


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The FT Bloody Wonder!? A cross between the Bloody Micks' FunBat and the Sig Wonder.

VGR_3.JPG VGR_2.jpg

The FT Bloody Wonder is designed after Bloody Micks' FunBat, which was based off of the Sig Wonder.
The original scratch built FunBat is made with a KF step, but our FT Bloody Wonder was created with an actual flat bottom, curved top air foil made from bending the foam over the wing.


We also made our mutant flyer also features a swappable fuselage! Thanks to youtubers like: jordster1998, RCJetFighters, and zeppelin4646 who requested that we make this into a swappable.


Our scratch built is powered by a NTM Prop Drive Series 28-26A 1200kv / 250w motor. And it is fast!

We've built two of these planes and figured we might as well have challenge! A three-part challenge to be exact. First part is a vertical drag strip, second is a streamer cut, and third is a collision course (last plane flying).


We are flying for Flite Test authors with the most views this week.

Josh B. is flying for Flite Test author: squishy
whose article "Fly it like you stole it!!" featured the most views this week.


Chris is flying for Flite Test author: mena142
For article: "FPV Lunchbox -Ground Station" featured themost views this week.

VGR_9.jpg VGR_7.jpg VGR_8.jpg VGR_5.jpg

Thanks again for the youtube comments and feedback, as well as the website articles! Keep posting and commenting, we read everything!

More information about the planes mentioned in this episode:
FT FunBat

Bloody Micks FunBat

Sig Wonder



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Liked this episode a lot. You gonna make a build video for that? Isn't the new motor a bit contra the swappable idea, or are you thinking two lines of swappables for two sizes of power?
Hey There, I looking to do a little scratch build of my own on this plane using Ed of Experimental Airlines Armin Wing concept. Looks similar to the airfoil the Josh's used for these planes. However I haven't been able to find some numbers on the Wing Root and Tip cords, Aileron and Elevator width. Did you use the exact measurements from Micks Bloody Bat? I plan on using 2206 2200kva with a 30amp esc and a 6x4 prop. Is that sounding about right??? Love your site and videos. Really appreciate the sense of humor and approach to fun. When can we get some of those Fan Packs? Bryan aka HandsFX