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vertical stabilizer


Full Circle
Is there such a thing as too much vertical stabilizer? I am looking at my plane that I am building right now and it seems as if the tail is rather larger compared to the plane.

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
I think it's more of a stabilizer to rudder ratio. A big stabilizer will help keep it straight but might make it difficult to turn if you don't have enough rudder. Also I think if it's a fast plane you need less surface area to keep it straight and a slower plane would need a larger stabilizer.


Old age member
The picture does not show the area or span of the v stab. Is it a kind of "dart" you are building?
"Darts" are derived from the old rubber powered Ama Cub if i understand it.


Rotor Riot!
Yes, the idea is derived form the dart. Sort of ugly though:p
And what do you mean by span or area of the vert. stabilizer. I thought it showed in the far left of the picture. I believe vertical stabilizer is also known as the tail.
Vertical Stabilizer
Vertical Stabilizer: The part that is joined with the rudder.
Horizontal Stabilizer: The part that is joined with the elevator.


How many letters do we ge
Short tail moment means you need a large rudder and stab, as pictured. If the tail was further from the CoG the stabs could be smaller.