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vertically challenged :D

challenge, to you all is to make a plane that is at most 6 channels that can achieve vertical lift off but can also takeoff by using a runway. it can only have a max of 2 motors and must achieve the liftoff without being setup to do it. also it cant be an osprey, the motors have to be fixed( well, that's all i got for this challenge, if you can think up of anything else that should be added or changed them leave it in the comments) good luck. (also have fun)
um, that has to be manually setup and unless you can hover you cant land and then vertically takeoff again. try to make it so it can land then fly off without you or your friend touching it. so here is my correction with this challenge, vertical landing and takeoff.

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It is capable of a vertical landing, but it is very difficult, I'll rebuild it and try to get some film of it.
It had so much power, it ripped it's tailboom apart!:p
P.S. I ordered an AXN floater jet, and I will do a build log, so if you got that one I told you about, It may help:D


It doesn't have to be over. I think it is a pretty good challenge for those interested. I will be attempting on later on hopefully. might take a couple of weeks though. But probably will not be able to take off horizontally from a runway though. Does that still count?

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No! the post isn't over. We need to coerce David into building one!:D
Besides, i have a different Idea, and others might too!
No offense meant, I simply wanted to post my version.


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i think the osprey idea would be the ultimate "winner" only if the motors actually articulated. I need to start looking for a cheap twin engine...
wow, i never thought i would have a post kick off. i think that putting two engines in the wings and then having a hatch that moves to cover them so that when in flight there isn't a hole in the wings may work ( and look cool). as I'm just starting i cant give an ideas on how you could do this. (i just don't know how) and g828 can it land horizontally then? BTW don't know if i but this in the rules ( had to rewrite them after i hit post and it deleted everything, that's why there is a second post of this) but you can hover your plane, if you don't know what this is look it up, to land vertically that would be cheating cause that means i could make a fun-bat and call it vertical liftoff and landing. the reason i say no to the osprey is because it is the motors moving, so i change the motor amount to three. also i guess this post needs to stay open, post away insane RC people ( if we don't call ourselves this what do we call ourselves?)
so the rules are now:
motors must be fixed
you can have three motors
max channels is (eight or six? vote people)
must achieve both vertical landing and takeoff ( just vertical landing would be cool too)
no floating (fun-batting) to land and takeoff
have fun
post ideas, progress (if you want to), changes to challenge rules
(well i think this is it, all i have to say, now i just need you all to post some more)
if J&J&(producer, sorry forgot your name)& singing guy took this challenge that would be awesome.(chad that's your name(i think), forgot it for a moment) well thanks hobbyists for getting this post forward a step. lets see how far we can take it!
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and g828 can it land horizontally then? BTW don't know if i but this in the rules ( had to rewrite them after i hit post and it deleted everything, that's why there is a second post of this) but you can hover your plane, if you don't know what this is look it up, to land vertically that would be cheating cause that means i could make a fun-bat and call it vertical liftoff and landing.
I don't really think landing vertically would be considered cheating. I believe landing a fun-bat vertically would extremely tough and unstable. I would say VTOL in a stable manner would count.

What do you think?

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Aspen, when you say fun bat style, does that mean VTOL off the tail?
If so then without tilt motors that's gonna be an impossible dream, and we're going to go joust windmills.:p
No. So what did you have in mind on the wing tilt mech? I designed a super micro osprey that I may be able to rework into something bigger.
Are kk boards allowed?:rolleyes:
foam, yes i mean to vertically take off from the tail, this may be a dumb question but what is a kk board?
g828, umm i think i understand what you are saying. the reason i picked fun bat is because it has a tail build so that the plane takes off from it and its the only plane that i have seen that i know the name of that can do this. and i agree that vertical takeoff and landing vertically would count for this challenge, but i am saying that you cant use 3D flying to achieve the takeoff and landing. i just feel like that would ruin the challenge.
also i think if this challenge is to go anywhere we need to get some rules set, g828 if you think that it should be just stable vertical takeoff and landing then ill change that.
im going to be posting the rules if there are any changes to them.
also if you can achieve vertical lift and landing it sounds at this point i will call you a possible winner. ( i don't think there will be a prize, if you can get the flight test people in on this there maybe one)
if im forgetting to reply to someone im sorry.
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Ok Let me get this straight.
Can it be tilt rotor?:confused:
A KK board is a multi copter control board.
It would basically turn the plane into a bicopter to land it.
If you watch the avatar gunship that Chad and david built, it would be a cross between that and an osprey.:eek:
I think success in this is prize enough!;)
I was thinking of something like this.
what i am thinking is having two motors hidden inside the wing that has two hatches for each of them (one on top, one on bottom) and have the hatches blend into the airfoil when they cover the two propellers that are sitting inside of the wings. dunno if this will work but its what i have planned for this challenge when i can get into doing it.
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foam, yes and no. i am looking for just vertical takeoff, put simply. what i am challenging is for someone to create a plane that has fixed motors for takeoff as having the motors fixed would make the propellers for vertical takeoff pose as kites on the aircraft and could cause it to crash. but i guess that having the whole wing be able to shift would be an accomplishment all on its own. nice video btw and if you could create that plane then i would be amazed. i think it would be a little nose heavy.... hmm now that i think about this more and more im thinking that smoke may be right and that if you can make the whole wing be actuated it would be an amazing accomplishment. okay, so here is what i say about this, achieve vertical in almost anyway you deem fit but no 3d flight to land and then takeoff, no actuating only the motors, and that it.
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Well then, I will order another 2826 motor, and i will TRY to build this thing.
When it crashes...
I don't think it will be hard until I have to steer at near vertical flight.
Anyone who can get ahold of some advice from david would be awesome!
um quick question though, first, what do you think of my idea? second couldn't you make the wings attach to the middle with a (cuff link?) and have a screw & gear used to rotate the wings? although the joint i am thinking of (sorry if that's a weird joint, i don't know if it is the right one) would cause there to be signification weight in the joint area a think it would work. and cant u email David/josh/producer/that Swedish(if he isn't Swedish sorry) guy? also im thinking that this should be reposted by someone who knows the hobby so that more information can be passed around. i think that many people will/are overlook this mainly because i have almost no idea how to even fly a plane or helicopter.

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Good Idea, except a worm gear would require some pretty hefty hard points and would not allow for easy manuevering using the wings.
I was thinking of eliminating the ailerons, and simply using two massive metal gear servos to move the whole wing for roll control.
This would simplify the prototype, and save weight.
The worm gear is brilliant, don't get me wrong there, but it might be to time consuming for a prototype.
I will email Flitetest about David, and see if he would be willing to give us some input.
Mean time, I'll pinch pennies to get some more electronics.:rolleyes:
Thanks for the Ideas! I'll post my progress, and keep building.
alright, well lets see what you get out of this. have fun creating that amazing plane foam. and if David sees this, i love your laugh it sounds Hilarius. last but not least, the rules:
none just achieve vertical takeoff and landing with a plane with out landing on the tail. (no acrobatic landings, speaking to all the 3d people out there)
that's it, there's no more, go do your walrus stuff now.
why are you still reading this? get to work on the challenge two lines above this line. if you are still reading this you owe me a Ben & Jerry's ice cream. now eat the ice cream and look up inspiration for your ideas for the challenge.
alright good night people in this corner of the web, and remember to have fun.