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(Video) Aerofly, finaly back in the RC hobby! :D

Hey, if you dont like long stories about random ppl (me), the video is down below :)

so, im new to RC. or... actually i've flown ALOT on both aerofly and realflight, but this was YEARS ago. i also never got my real rc planes to fly, me and my dad wanted to get into RC moddeling, we build a foamy from depron that was laminated the wrong way and it basicly crashed, we didnt even know what CG was XD then we tried to get a 3 channel in the air, we macgyvered it together, still no CG... CRAAAASH! :D hobby was chelfed :(

i stuck with the transmitter and an usb thingy that was fucky as hell, old sanwa transmitter with set frequency crystal and everything. i was flying on my computer for a year (ALOT) then it got chelfed, now i just went and bought a foamy kit, 3D this time, because its easy to build, and easy to understand, with expo and dualrates i find it to be easyer than the 3 channel trainers, must be because of simulators no doubt.

So on to what happens now, i built the 3d foamy, its winter... im in Norway.. NORTHERN NORWAY! its freakin -20 *c here now, and allways windy. the hobby isnt big here, so indoor flying is very rare. So im back in the simulator! XD

anyone with flying experience that know if aerofly is actually realistic at all? im curious as to my flying "skills" are remotely real, i know its nothing like real time on the sticks cus i do fly sometimes and its harder ofc. but nonetheless im wondering if aerofly is helping me at all other being fun :)

Here is the video of me flying: https://youtu.be/tP30jaUWfO4

btw sorry for the movie lagging :p aerofly dont like being captured ^^

Plane i fly on the sim is tailheavy for easier hover! (or so i've heard :p)