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Pumpkin drop event

Video of HK Edge 540 profile product?

This plane will behave very similar to any other of the same style/size/engine. The largest variable would be the flight control set up. What size servos, servo speed, etc.
Yeah, it's been hard to find something with the same specs on YouTube. In my experience, even small differences in wing span etc. make a massive difference to the flight characteristics. It must be quite a new model for no videos to have been posted.

Because I've always used models with some dihedral (?)... I think that's the term... I'm a bit concerned my reflexes are not going to be up to the task for something like the Edge profile. Up till now, I've mainly been interested in soaring, but now I've run out of decent sites, I'm looking for something with a bit of power, without the fuss of a glow engine.

I find it's very easy to watch how twitchy a model behaves in flight in determining how advanced the pilot needs to be and whether or not I can handle it.


Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
Didn't Josh Bixler fly one of these in an EARLY episode of flight test?
Edit: He might have flown an electric model.