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Video: X-47B Makes First Ever Drone Carrier Landing

Sure did not get it on the first try! :(

Didn't get it on the first try? I have no idea what you mean. It was a flawless operation. There were two successful back-to-back autonomous landings. On the third attempt, one of the three onboard nav sensors reported a fault. It aborted the third attempt and routed successfully to an alternate site. No crashes, no mishaps. How is that "not getting it"? That's AAA in my book!
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Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
Doesn't look flawless to me. The first landing looks like it missed the wire. Can't really tell because the camera doesn't pan over though.
Carrier landing is perhaps the most difficult maneuver there is. There are multiple arrestors on deck because it is after all a tiny platform moving in three dimensions. That video is aviation history... Too bad FT wasn't there to film it for them. :)