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Videos on Gasers/EDF/Balsa/etc. please!

Hello everyone/Flite Test,

I've noticed that the free video content Flite Test offers is mainly [if not entirely] videos related to foamies or RC planes in general. Although I haven't ventured into flying Gasers and EDF jets [and other means of propulsion and building materials], in the future I was thinking of doing so. However, there are no videos from Flite Test that show how to fly and maintain gasers and EDF jets. I've seen a video of an EDF jet made and flown by Flite Test [the Viggen I'm referring to], but no guides or videos. Please make some guides, even if it's not free content, I'd love to see some gaser/EDF/etc. how-to's by the group that got me into the hobby. I think the more experienced FT fans will appreciate them. :)

If I made some dumb mistakes in this post, please let me know. ;)

EDIT:Yes, I've noticed that Flite Test has released a video on Balsa...

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