Vortex 150 jr9303 DSMX-Quad-Receiver-Diversity


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I just purchased the vortex 150, looks awesome, and the DSMX-quad-receiver-diversity and when I try to set up the quad I cannot get past the first menu in the wizard. The receiver binds to the jr 9303 radio. The receiver LED is a solid yellow but the vortex wizard shows that it cannot find the receiver. What's wrong, is this a bad combination of transmitter and receiver?


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Doesn't sound like it bound properly if you have a yellow light but I have no experience with DSMX stuff. Usually a green led represents a properly bound and functioning status on any receiver I have ever seen.


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Dumped the JR and went with the Taranis X9D Plus with XSR receiver. Maidened last night, works great. A bit too much with 4 cells in the small gym. Cant wait to get it outside.