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Wanna build my first quad, and was thinking Gremlin...

well, here's what i ended up with.

IMG_20190127_132813 - Copy.jpg IMG_20190127_132519 - Copy.jpg IMG_20190127_133119 - Copy.jpg IMG_20190131_175304 - Copy.jpg IMG_20190131_175226~2 - Copy.jpg

not even remotely a Gremlin, heh. :)

i ended up with this:

Airblade Eclair v2 2.5 inch frame
Mini Magnum v2 stack
EMAX 1106 II 6000kv motors
Gemfan Flash 2540 props
Runcam Micro Eagle
Spektrum RC DSMX Quad Reciever w/ Diversity

I originally bought the Chad Lewis frame, and the stack was way too huge to fit. Figured it'll fit the Sidewinder frame, so I got that, and it still didn't fit. You can see my newbness at work here. Got the Airblade Eclair frame, which worked...everything is crammed in there though. Still, I have a sweet drone to fly. :)

In the last two pics, i relocated the receiver from behind the camera to above the vtx. it just barely fits there and isn't as well protected, but now I can tilt the camera more. :)
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