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Wanting to get into the hobby any advise would be great

so I am highly interested in the hobby of drone racing, in my case maybe a bit of bashing before I can think about racing. the past Christmas my sister got me a cheaper toy camera drone her thoughts were that id really like it because I've been into racing and bashing brushless rc cars and trucks. Well she was right. I am addicted. Have been flying the crap out of it and have yet to destroy it. great little toy. Now, I am hobby toy guy. all my rc ground toys are FAST FAST. I would like to be able to get started in flying better drones without breaking the bank. I see some deals here and there for complete packages like a eachine 250 for example. Would you kind people be able to help advise me as best as you can??
Thanks a bunch.


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Hey backyardbuilt welcome to the forum! There are some great ready to fly packages out there, but selection is pretty limited. The eachine 250 is a classic one that comes with all the gear you need. If you are serious about getting fast and racing then you probably would not like that kit though, for the reasons seen in this RotorRiot video. A really popular RTF quad right now is the eachine wizard. It is probably the closest thing for the price range that is comparable to a home built race quad. It does not come with the FPV goggles/screen though.

Another option is to build your own machine. It will be a little more expensive, but you will get something faster and with better performance. Plus you built it so you will be able to easily fix it when needed. This is probably not the choice though if you want to get up and flying right away.


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Eachine wizard seems like a great choice. Too bad I can't find them in the US. It seems they all come from china. I won't buy from overseas. Too many issues.

I appreciate the opinion. I was liking the wizard. i am happy to see that is a recommendation. i dont mind having to purchase a screen or goggles separately if there is great sense to it. I dont want to get a drone then that same week be wishing for more. Lets say the qaud will run both 3s and 4s. I would probably end up with 2 or 3 of each so I could learn on the 3s and when I become comfortable or so I think I am comfortable I can go with the 4s. I like the Wizard, Walkera F210, vortex 250 pro and eachine 250 and i also like the 90.
Eachine wizard is by far one of the best.

But before anything too I would definitely try simulators like FPVFREERIDE. Worth the $5, and get a small inductrix with a camera on it to practice FPV indoors. Flying with goggles or a headset is much different than like phone app quads