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Wanting to know what features you would want in a micro FC with escs

I want to make this board

I am learning how to design and make circuit boards, and I want to help the community. I want to know what features you would like to see on a micro multirotor FC, or if you would like replacement boards for popular micro quads like the nano qx. Any cool features or built in power filtering, things you would want! Any thing is a great idea and I might try to make more than one design to suit your needs, thanks!


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Well, there is already a MultiWii Micro FC available that I've messed around with, so perhaps if it would be possible to build a micro Naze32 board? I believe it uses an ARM Cortex processor.
As far as layout goes, I don't like how all of the motor solder points are on one side. That means you have to solder extension wires to the 7mm coreless motors to make two of them reach.
And how about some Mosfets that can handle a little abuse? Not sure what the ones on the micro MWC use, but they are just barely up to the task. Something more robust would be welcome.
Are you planning on having an integrated receiver? I'm curious as to how that could be implemented.
If I think of anything else, I'll let you know. As an electrical engineering technology student myself, I have long thought about designing my own micro board, but it is a huge undertaking. Let me know if you need any help with anything.
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I'm seeing a lot of existing flight boards being made into small form factors. The ones that most interest me are the Pixhawk ones, but 3DR themselves have a new Pixhawk2 that's tiny. I think a board with built in vibration isolation (via weighted mass) is an interesting idea, but more of a mechanical design feature.
The MWC Uses multiwii and the ftdi stick seems to be finiky. I want to make it USB so its is easier to work with. The other reason is to accommodate things like a filtered power out to help with all the noise from the system maybe a pdb for the fpv stuff so you can spread things out, things like these the mwc doesn't have