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Warbirds from paper plane plans

Thanks to nerdnic for this,will try next week if I can.
Also thanks to Jake for the 109 plans,I was using these for the Spitfire and I’ve got some for my planned Stuka as well.
If you find any for a Hawker Hurricane (I did look honest!) I would be most grateful.
Thanks for this.
I am using your 109 plans and should have a fuselage by the weekend
Now I know this is cheeky but..Don’t suppose you have any more ,E.G. Hawker Typhoon,Ju 88,Mosquito Heinkel 111.....
Hm, those will be problematic. I can have MiG-15, Fw-190A and P-51B mustang at the moment. I'd recommend finishing one project before going on with others. Oh and a word about mosquito - Niezgoda brothers recently published photos of their mosquito on insta and I think they'll make a release soon
I found them on 4shared years ago but as I said before they got deleted during PC formatting. I found a pack with about 60 models, La-5, Yak-3, LaGG-3, Ki-44, Ki-61, Gloster Meteor, Gloster Gladiator, PBY Catalina, Yokosuka Ohka, Do-335, few versions of Bf-109 including Avia S-199, Aero L-29, few versions of spitfire, Bristol Beaufighter, Brewster Buffalo, P-38 Lightning etc. Sadly I can't find them anymore :(
Have built a cardboard mock-up of the marek 109 and there’s may be a problem at the back of the cockpit .
When making the paper version you wouldn’t see this as it’s then got a papered over glass cockpit,see jakes excellent photo of his paper model.
However for our foam version this creates a visual problem with former D sticking above D’ and making it very weak.
May go back to original old model.


Yeah this part design isn't well thought trough by author. I'd modify D' former so it would fit there without bending and match it partly with D former, there simply should be 2 formers between pieces 3 and 4
Found some other models via pinterest on some russian sites (luckily I can read and understand russian a bit;) ) but I think it's more reasonable to start off with some very simple models. I'm very positive about MiG-21 model I found (very simple, no internal parts, parts fit pretty well) 1569523075405.png 1569523132312.png
Thanks Jake,not a big jet fan myself -unless its the Me 262/163 but probably a lot easier to build if anyone fancies a go .
If anyone has a paper me 110 /Dornier that would be good-then there's plenty of options if anyone fancies a go --will form a library of them.
Am awaiting servos for 109 and been busy at work so not much progress this week
Oh that's cool, the problem is I don't have any EDFs, but I think I can make use of those plans. I make jets, yes, but I power them usually with MT2204 and 6' pushing prop, like eg. FT mini raptor. The current drain is much lower than with EDF.
I've found some jet plans about 6 months ago, I made F-15 and F/A-18. F-15 was crashed, Hornet survived a lot of flights and still lives :) I'm currently working on Gripen by jetset (the guy that made those plans). When it comes to WWII planes nerdnic is without doubt the best designer, but you already know his site for sure.
If you'd like to try them out here's the link https://www.skyhighhobby.com/free-plans
P.S. I'm not really a "jet dude", depends on mood :p I'm thinking about making scale SM.79 Sparviero as its shape should be easy to replicate with foam - box alike fuse, simple wings and stabs, only problems are canopy and engine cowlings
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