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How old are you?

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    Votes: 1 2.9%
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    Votes: 10 29.4%
  • 20 - 29

    Votes: 6 17.6%
  • 30 - 39

    Votes: 10 29.4%
  • 40 - 49

    Votes: 4 11.8%
  • 50 +

    Votes: 5 14.7%
  • Don't want to say.

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Wow, so far I'm the only one between 20 and 29? That's crazy. It's super early, but the numbers to start with aren't close to what I would have guessed. This is interesting!
I gotta watch this thread to see how the numbers unfold,
the costs have significantly decreased over the last years though. when i think about what all the stuff you would need to get one plane into the air cost like 15-20 years ago and how cheap you can enter this hobby now. of course high performance/quality equipment is still expensive, thats for sure but i guess it has never been easier to enter this hobby even with a limited budget.
To enter into this hobby can be done really cheap these days, you betcha.
But to stay and develop in it and keep yourself excited and interested in it.... I think it's a whole different story.

And those that are sinking more time and interest in the hobby and joining online forums to learn more and discuss with others... the vast majority are probably middle aged men. I gotta agree there.

Combine the costs of progressing in the hobby with the desire and need to connect with others online to learn more, and you have a bunch of old farts having fun with this hobby while sharing their experiences with eachother on sites like this. :p

I certainly expected the nature of the flitetest project to attract more from the younger crowds on this forum specifically, but it does make sense they are not the majority.

It's still early though, I wanna see how the results keep going :)
maybe the young guns are too lazy to take part in surveys or they are so busy flying that they don't have time to register here.

on another sidenote, you should better join rc forums BEFORE you actually buy something or spend money on the wrong things. i know many don't but that way there would be a lot less crumbled warbirds and jets i bet :D

how expensive it is to stay in the hobby vastly depends on what it needs to keep oneself excited. some are perfectly entertained with having 2 parkflyers and fly them around once in a while and for some others there always has to be some kind of progress, bigger, more scale, faster, ... only if you belong to the latter group things are getting more and more expensive.
I don't know too many people who are content with only 2 parkflyers & are actively involved on an RC flight forum, hehe.

Not saying there aren't any, but those that don't fly much or only have 1 or 2 planes probably don't have the need/drive to learn much more or ask too many questions. Clearly the majority of active forum members will be deeper into the hobby and with that comes more planes, faster planes, bigger planes... and more money.
I actually expected the 20-29 age group to be higher because less of us have wives/children/houses to use up all the freetime and income.

About the forum stuff BEFORE buying/flying a plane. You're absolutely correct, I have people ask me questions all the time when I'm out flying at a park. I can't possibly give them even a fraction of the knowledge they need to successfully fly a plane. I'm sure a couple have tried to get a cheap RTF going, but I doubt any went online to learn more, despite what I recommended.

Anyhow, getting off topic now. I'm just surprised at the results thus far, but it really does make sense to me after thinking about it.

P.S. Snoggle, your username is awesome. I don't know what it means, but its fun to say, lol.


Senior Member
Kinda expected young people like me to be dominating... Guess I was wrong. Still, I know a lot more younger guys that fly RC than older ones... Oh, and I also have a content of 2 parkflyers :D


Minnesota RC'r
Kinda expected young people like me to be dominating... Guess I was wrong. Still, I know a lot more younger guys that fly RC than older ones... Oh, and I also have a content of 2 parkflyers :D
I'm in my 30's and I'm one of the young ones at all three clubs I routinely fly at! :0


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Heh my parents don't want me to "throw away" money on RC stuff. I have to spend my own money which is mostly get in birthdays and such... Grandparents FTW?