WATTS over Owatonna 2012 - July 27-29 - Southern MN


Minnesota RC'r

Come check out the largest all electric outdoor fly in in the midwest!​

We had over 135 pilots enjoy 3 great days last year and this year is shaping to be even bigger! Check out the video here:

WATTS over Owatonna is open to all pilots of electric RC aircraft. The landing fee covers all three days. All pilots must show proof of current AMA membership as this is a sanctioned event. Park Pilot memberships are welcome as long as your aircraft fall into the limits of the park flyer program.

The event will start Friday at noon and run till Sunday at 4pm. You are more then welcome to come early or stay late. There will be a pilots meeting at Noon on Friday and 9am on Sat followed by open flying. We will have some organized events such as a Mass Warbird Launch, Combat and possibly more.

Concessions will be available on site for breakfast lunch and dinner plus there is a playground for the kids to enjoy. Camping on site is welcomed so come enjoy the weekend.

It is recommended you operate on 2.4 ghz. There will be a frequency board in place and pilots on 72 mhz will be responsible for frequency control. We will have a sign up for pilots to register what frequencies they are on to help mitigate any conflicts. SMMAC will not be responsible for any issues that arise from operating on 72 mhz.

Huge Raffle
Last year we handed out over $2500 in prizes! We're not talking stuff we dug out of our workshops. Many vendors and distributors came out to support the event in a big way! We had lots of kits, radios, batteries, and other RC gear you actually will want!

Combat at WATTS over Owatonna
We will be doing a simple combat event. It will take place Saturday afternoon. The plane can be any plane you wish to use but it must be powered by a 1300 mah 3 cell lipo. The round will last no longer than 10 minutes. Each pilot will need a spotter to keep track of ribbon cuts. A plane will score one point per ribbon cut. There will be awards to the winners of the combat event.

Mass Warbird Launch
We will be doing a Mass warbird launch if there is enough interest. This will be around mid day on sat. This is open to any warbird that is powered by a 2100 3 cell lipo or less. We will all fly a designated pattern and the idea is that everyone lands safe. We will have a sign up for this event to make sure there are no conflicts with 72 mhz frequencies.

Saturday Dinner
Plan to stay for the saturday evening dinner. We’ll have a steak dinner at the field done up by Karen and her team. Once everyone has had a chance to eat we’ll be handing out the awards and doing a raffle for prizes. Afterwards we’ll light up the bonfire and fly till the LED lit planes are done.

There will be awards handed out at the saturday dinner such as Pilots Choice, Best of Show and more. Plan to stick around for the food and the fun in the evening.

Overnight Storage of Airplanes
We will have space available in the hangar / shop and in a large enclosed trailer to store airplanes overnight. This space is preferred for large aircraft that cannot be easily torn down for storage in vehicles. It is first come first served.

Make plans now so you don't miss out on the fun!

RC Dad

Steve, looks like a lot of fun. Will look into that date and see if the boys and I can make it. I assume you get a lot of folks from MARCEE attending? Thinking about joining that club.


Minnesota RC'r
Yeah we do have a lot of MARCEE guys. Last year we had people from I think 11 states and Canada. Bring the boys down for sure! It's a great place for the family to hang out. I'm a little biased though as it's my home field :) But we do have a playground there!


Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
You're right. I think my truck gets 14 mpg, shouldn't be too bad lol. When I drove back from Denver it was a 4100 mile trip with only a few side trips. That was back in 1 dollar gas days.