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We be stylin now


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Think about it: 1970, I thought I had died and gone to heaven.
My first FULL PROPORTIONAL radio, made by world engines the parent company to OS MAX engines. Wow 4 channel, trims on all channels, standard size servos. 6 volt center tapped, discrete components, no digital nothing. Open gimbal sticks! CB radio, I believe current channel 21 Or 27.095 mhz.

Ok couple of problems: first it was a some assembly required kit, second , it cost $199.95, plus tax and shipping ($1750.00 in 2019 dllars). Took me a year on my paper route to save that much.

Bought it, and boy was I suprised by the some assembly required. At least the boards were built. Everything else required being put together. A hundred little bags of parts, 1" thick assembly manual done in black and white. At least I knew how to solder.

The instructions were like this: cut 6" lengths of red black white orange yellow blue brown tan wire, strip the ends and tin.
Find bag #1 and check to see if everything is there. Flip page in instructions for assembled picture, make bag of parts look like picture.
Rinse, repeat. Put parts into place on case, screw together, find the next part..... so after a month working in the evenings, it was done. I had my Dad double check the wiring.

Turned it on. Hmmm no magic smoke, no random pops or flashes, but it doesn't work. Go back and go through all the instructions. It's right. Check. Turn it on again, nothing. Dad looks at it and says " Need to plug in the radio?" Nothing in the instructions said to power the receiver.


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Stuff like that makes me so glad for sub $100 idiot proof radio gear. I started RC in 1986 or so, the first car I got is still available and at almost the same price!