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We Got a Runner

Firstly: Misspelled "cushion" in the vid; I'm well aware, just too lazy to fix it.
Secondly: If you're going to fly an X11C, DON"T take it up high. The transmitter loses its connection at about 50 feet away. (maybe just a crap tx, idk)
If the video doesn't play, you may need to be logged into Facebook
I lost my x11c in a tree ( I think) like months ago and looked for 1 week straight and have never found it. I really just want to see the video from it because I know after raid and snow there is no way it would work. and btw I would fly as high as it goes lol but carefully which was hard
I can relate. Had my X11 lose signal and crash land into neighbors backyard. In the snow. My neighbors aren't the best so I was kinda hesitant to ask but I got it back. Fun times!
Also, my tx loses signal. It doesn't matter if it is far away. It powers off all of a sudden then I have to turn it back on. Has anything happened like that with you. I got a new tx though.


Wake up! Time to fly!
Might wanna start a you tube account. Some people like myself wont touch face book if you paid me to. That and they still use flash which a lot of people are getting away from due to so many security issues with it these days.