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We lost a great pilot today R.I.P Tido Flores

Last night Tido flores was riding his quad and it slipped of a cilff. Tido was was a great man and a lover of the hobby, he owned several nitro planes and gave me my first 1:4 scale nitro mustang which he unfortunetly never got the chance to watch fly. Tido left his 11yr old son matthew and two older childeren Monica and Dave. Tido was a confused man who had to keep moving and keep doing something, a jack of all trades, he died doing something he loved. but his passion for the hobby will never die as his son Matthew fallows in his steps and I will be looking after him and keeping him in the right path. Tido was a very wise man with alot to give, unfortunetly his time is up. Lets all take Tidos life to heart, and live every day to the fullest and never forget what your passion is. No matter what people say about it, let your passion burn bright and allways keep with it. in loving memory Tido youll be missed and never forgotten.