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We want more episodes with David!!!


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yes please, more David in the show!!! he is the missing spark ;)

you should combine a build up project and do it on camera to show us your build tips and tuning !!!!
I would be great to have more David, but lets face the facts... He is locked up in Chad's basement, and if Chad finds out all those pictures he sent out, we may never see him again....

Hmm, as a matter of fact, David has not been heard from in a while.... Chad may have already found out and put him further under ground!

I Just saw the youtube video and i am VERY happy to see that David will be a permanent character on flitetest!

This is a win win situation.

(Yeah, i am sorry but i had to necro this topic) :)

Brian fred carr

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+ loads...David is acomin red cheeks all around...really good news that the guys are starting to get new products to demo....I cant think of any UK manufacturers, But if anyone knows different post there links in this thread and i will badger them by email and messages to send the guys some stuff for us to look at....after all thats what its all about but with loads of entertainment thrown in for free....and i know that everyone who sees the episode will want one of those posters eh eh eh...keep flying
I heard he's coming as quick as he can to America from his website. Can't wait for his return!! He is one of the people that keeps this show's heart beating. Also you keep adding that you need him to do the Advanced FPV episode we've all been waiting for. We need him on this show!
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